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On a farm, communication is critical. If an incident occurs, farmers often work alone and need assurance that they can reach out to a colleague for assistance.

In rural areas, mobile networks can be unreliable or non-existent, leaving farmers without a means of communication in emergencies. This is where two-way radio systems come in. They provide coverage even in areas where mobile networks fail, ensuring that farmers can communicate with colleagues or emergency services whenever they need to.

To further assure farmers of the reliability of our systems, we offer site trials where the systems are tested to ensure they provide adequate coverage across the entire farm.

We understand that farming needs can vary greatly depending on the season and workload, which is why we offer flexible purchase or hire options.

Whether you need the equipment for one season or indefinitely, we can tailor the terms to suit your needs. If you do have a permanent system on site, we can integrate our hire stock to increase radio numbers as and when required.

Our equipment is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a farm environment. It is rugged and durable, ensuring that it won’t break easily when exposed to dust, water, or other hazards. Depending on your specific needs, we can provide a simple voice system or a more complex one that includes additional features such as texting, lone working, emergency and man down alerts.

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We can assist you with finding the best solution within your budget to provide seamless communication and give you the best value long term.


Up-to-date technology

Through hiring, you will receive the latest and most suitable products without the capital outlay. We can advise and upgrade on new technologies throughout your contract period.


Maintenance and repair

Peace of mind knowing that if a unit goes faulty, our next working day replacement service won’t leave you short of equipment on site.

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What do we recommend for your sector:

Portable Radios

Suitable for use around the farm yard or if you need to get in and out of a vehicle on a regular basis. We supply suitably IP rated equipment to ensure it is fit for purpose.


Items included as standard

check_circle Battery
check_circle Belt Clip
check_circle Charging Space
check_circle Antenna
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Mobile Radios

Installed in vehicles, these will give you greater range, and can be more practical than using a hand portable as they can be powered off the vehicle’s supply. We have a range of antennas for different vehicle types.


Items included as standard

check_circle Antenna
check_circle Power Cable with Cigar Plug
check_circle Fist Microphone
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In some instances, hand portable or mobile coverage will not be adequate. A repeater will increase range across a single site, can be linked via IP to work across two sites, and can provide additional Emergency features.


Items included as standard

check_circle 240/12v Operation
check_circle Cabling
check_circle Antenna
check_circle Brackets
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Sim Radios

If you struggle for coverage with a repeater system, sim radios will work UK-wide (network dependent). This can be in the form of a hand portable or fixed mobile. There is also a despatcher option, which allows tracking and voice recording.


Items included as standard

check_circle Battery
check_circle Belt Clip
check_circle Earpiece
check_circle Charging Space
check_circle Antenna
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Thinking of buying?


Full technical support

Our in house maintenance team are at hand to provide ongoing support even beyond the manufacturers initial term. If you have a query a quick phone call can provide a solution.


Secure licenced channels

Communication in a working environment is often critical and requires instant and clear messaging. We can assist you with making a licence application to Ofcom, to ensure you don’t get interference from other radio users.


Which products to choose

With so many manufacturers and products available to buy, or specialist team can advise and where necessary arrange a trial to ensure you get the most suited products based upon your needs.

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Suitable products to buy

Motorola R7 NKP Hand Portable Product Image

Motorola R7 NKP Hand Portable




  • check_circle WiFi & Bluetooth Capable
  • check_circle Mute Mode

In Stock

RRP From £670.00 ex. VAT

£445.00 From £445.00
Motorola R2 Digital Hand Portable Product Image

Motorola R2 Digital Hand Portable




  • check_circle Superior Range
  • check_circle Intelligent Audio

In Stock

RRP From £317.00 ex. VAT

£212.00 From £212.00
Motorola DM4400e Digital Mobile Product Image

Motorola DM4400e Digital Mobile




  • check_circle 99 Channels
  • check_circle Systems Capable

Available on backorder

RRP From £505.00 ex. VAT

£313.00 From £313.00
Motorola SLR5500 Digital Repeater Product Image

Motorola SLR5500 Digital Repeater



  • check_circle Auxiliary Power Output
  • check_circle Clear Voice Quality

In Stock

RRP From £3236.00 ex. VAT

£2,278.00 From £2,278.00

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