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What is Licence Free two way radio equipment?

Licence free or licence exempt two way radio equipment operates on licence and subscription-free PMR446 frequencies that can be used across Europe. This makes them suitable for a range of leisure and business applications.

The product range is limited, with only walkie talkie type equipment available. You cannot buy mobile, desk radio or repeater units to work on this frequency range.

Licence free two way radio equipment is often split into consumable radios which are often packaged as twin or quad packs, and business radios which are often packaged as individual units.

Consumable licence free two way radios are normally cheaper, have more leisure related features and associated products (i.e. built in torch, bike handle bar mount etc), and are often cheaper to replace than repair.

Business class licence free two way radios are often more durable, have a better build quality and component specification, and undergo industry standard testing. Replacement components are available for most models, and it is often cheaper to service than to replace.

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Popular Licence Free Products

Kenwood TK3701DT Radio Product Image

Kenwood TK3701DT Radio




  • check_circle Li-Ion battery
  • check_circle Sit in charger

In Stock

RRP £195.30 ex. VAT

Motorola T82 Extreme Radio Quad Pack Product Image

Motorola T82 Extreme Radio Quad Pack




  • check_circle Rugged
  • check_circle Weatherproof

Available on backorder

RRP £215.83 ex. VAT

Motorola XT420 Radio Product Image

Motorola XT420 Radio




  • check_circle Business Class
  • check_circle Durable

In Stock

RRP From £132.00 ex. VAT

£92.00 From £92.00
Motorola XT460 Radio Product Image

Motorola XT460 Radio




  • check_circle Business Class
  • check_circle Durable

In Stock

RRP From £152.00 ex. VAT

£102.00 From £102.00


Do I need a licence?


No, these radios are pre-programmed with licence free frequencies for use anywhere in the UK and Europe.

How far do they work?


The radios are limited to 0.5 watts so within buildings and built up areas they are limited. Outdoors in open space they do provide up to 1 mile.

How long do the batteries last?


It depends upon the battery type supplied, however you can expect them to last a minimum of 6-8 hours on a full charge.

Will I get interference from other radio users?


Anybody or any organisation can buy licence free radio equipment which does increase the likelihood of interference from other users. Factors to consider include the location of use, is it built up, is there a lot of industry, do events take place. If the answer is yes to these, you are more likely to suffer interference. You may want to then consider licenced two way radio products.

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