Analogue Two Way Radio Products

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What is Analogue two way radio equipment?

Analogue two way radio has been the standard since two way radio equipment was first introduced.

The benefits of an analogue two way radio system are:

  • products are easy to use
  • systems make productive use of the bandwidth
  • there are a lot of OEM products available

A standard analogue radio is going to decrease in signal the closer you get towards its maximum range, at which point all you hear is white noise.

Nearly all unlicenced two way radios are still analogue, and a handful of licenced radios are as we see more manufacturers move towards digital licenced products. A number of digital two way radios will work in analogue mode allowing for a phased upgrade to a digital system.

Licenced analogue radio systems can combine hand portables, mobile radios, fixed desk radios, and repeaters to provide a complete solution.

If you require licenced two way radio equipment, we can program them to a current Ofcom Licence, use a current radio to clone, or we can assist you with a new application. Our team can advise you on the types of licence available.


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Popular Analogue Licenced Products

Motorola R2 Analogue Hand Portable Product Image

Motorola R2 Analogue Hand Portable




  • check_circle Superior Range
  • check_circle Intelligent Audio

In Stock

RRP From £241.00 ex. VAT

£168.00 From £168.00
Motorola DP1400 Analogue Hand Portable Product Image

Motorola DP1400 Analogue Hand Portable




  • check_circle VOX Capability
  • check_circle IP54 Rating

In Stock

RRP From £241.00 ex. VAT

£158.00 From £158.00
Motorola DM1400 Analogue Mobile Product Image

Motorola DM1400 Analogue Mobile




  • check_circle 16 Channels
  • check_circle Clear Audio

In Stock

RRP From £335.00 ex. VAT

£218.00 From £218.00


Do I need a licence?


For licenced analogue two way radios, yes. If you already have an Ofcom licence we can program the equipment to that configuration. If you haven’t got a licence, we can assist you with the application process.

What makes it a licenced product?


General rule for portable equipment is if the antenna is removable it is licenced. You cannot get unlicenced mobile or repeater units, so if you have these it will require a licence.

Is analogue better than digital?


In some circumstances analogue is still the preferred method of communication. However in most day to day tasks, digital equipment is at the forefront because of its adaptability and audio enhancing features.

Will my analogue radios work with digital equipment?


In most instances yes. Most digital products are capable of working in analogue mode, allowing a migration over time from analogue equipment to a digital system.

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