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Applications integrated into two way radio systems offer a complete solution

Two way radio technology has advanced rapidly and can now integrate applications to streamline work processes!

Below, we have outlined some of the applications available, and some of the solutions currently compatible. We have based these upon a Motorola system, however if you are interested in these applications for a different brand, please get in touch and we can advise accordingly.




Solutions for the following requirements:

Control Room:

Fully integrated control over single or multi-channel radio systems supporting voice communication and data operations – TRBOnet Enterprise, TRBOnet PLUS, SmartPTT Enterprise, SmartPTT PLUS.

Man Down and Lone Worker:

Protect the safety of lone workers with regular interval check in systems and emergency protocols – as part of the larger TRBOnet Enterprise, TRBOnet PLUS, SmartPTT Enterprise, SmartPTT PLUS programs.

System Performance Management:

Analyse radio system traffic and infrastructure – TRBOnet Watch, SmartPTT Monitoring and as part of the larger TRBOnet Enterprise, TRBOnet PLUS, SmartPTT Enterprise, SmartPTT PLUS programs.

POC – Push-To-Talk over Cellular:

Connect a radio system with mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers – WAVE PTX Broadband Push-to-Talk, TRBOnet Enterprise, TRBOnet Plus

Indoor/Outdoor Beacon Tracking:

Track personnel, using the radio system, internally or around a set outdoor route or perimeter for safety and accountability – available with beacons and as part of larger TRBOnet Enterprise and SmartPTT PLUS programs.

Radio Network Bridging:

Bridge separate radio networks into a single communication infrastructure – TRBOnet Enterprise, TRBOnet PLUS, SmartPTT Enterprise, SmartPTT PLUS

Voice Recording:

Record all radio system calls – TRBOnet Voice Recorder, SmartPTT Voice Recording or as part of the larger TRBOnet Enterprise, TRBOnet PLUS, SmartPTT Enterprise, SmartPTT PLUS programs.

Job Ticketing:

Task management tool allowing dispatchers to create, assign and track tasks across the radio network – TRBOnet Enterprise, SmartPTT Enterprise.

Outdoor GPS Tracking:

Track personnel or vehicles using GPS within the radios – TRBOnet Enterprise, TRBOnet PLUS, SmartPTT Enterprise, SmartPTT PLUS.

Alarm Handling:

Connect alarms with radio systems and more, structuring alerts and response programs – as part of the larger TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet PLUS programs.


SmartPTT is an integrated voice and data dispatch software application for two way radio systems.



TRBOnet allows you to choose between wireline, wireless or mixed modes to connect it to your MOTOTRBO radio network.



MOTOTRBO combines the best of two-way radio with digital technology to bring you increased capacity, clarity, spectral efficiency and integrated data applications. With an open versatile portfolio of portable and mobile two-way radios as well as accessories, MOTOTRBO offers an open, standards-based solution that is both cost-effective and easily tailored to meet the communication needs of your business.


Motorola’s Safety Reimagined

Motorola believes the technologies that make us safer can also make us better at everything we do. They have created the first ecosystem to unify the technologies that keep us safe on one single platform—voice, video, data, and analytics. Creating solutions that address the industry challenges of today with an eye toward the future.

Safety Reimagined