St Julians Comprehensive School

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St Julians Comprehensive School

St Julians School got in touch with us as their radio system on site was failing, and needed a cost effective solution to provide key staff members on site instant communication.

The secondary school has over 1500 children, in multiple building blocks, and separated outdoor spaces. Normal day to day operations require staff to be able to communicate across all of these areas. Staff and pupil safety is paramount, and the ability for staff to relay information and call for assistance is critical.

With budgets tight in the education sector, we had to find a balance between a radio type that will function and be durable, and be within budget. Ongoing costs were also discussed to ensure the equipment was serviceable and not consumable which would help keep costs to a minimum.

What system did we supply, and why?

After trialling several radio types on site, we ended up supplying the entry level Motorola DP1400 digital hand portable.

This equipment was chosen based upon a number of factors:

  • programmable in digital mode to increase clarity
  • increased range in digital mode provided site wide coverage
  • long battery life
  • the option to buy single and multi chargers

One of the main reasons for this product type was that it is a licenced hand portable. This reduces the likelihood of interference from other radio users, and ensures any sensitive data discussed is protected from outside sources listening in.

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