Newport Shop Watch Scheme

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Newport Shop Watch Scheme

Newport City Centre and the surrounding shopping areas required a form of communication to link over 120 retailers, pubs, food outlets, police, CCTV control and city wardens together.

Spread over a large footprint and extending to out of city centre retail parks, an initial trial to ensure full coverage was achievable was paramount. Once we had proven coverage was achievable, we then focused on the features required and the suitable radio types.

With a number of premises having a lone worker late into the evenings, an emergency feature was essential. Each radio was issued with an identification tag and an emergency button that once pressed would alert in the control room.

What system did we supply, and why?

After trialling several radio types on site, we ended up supplying the Motorola DP Series digital hand portable with and without display. Display desk units and a Motorola digital repeater with battery back up ensured a resilient and seamless solution.

This equipment was chosen based upon a number of factors:

  • programmable in digital mode to increase clarity
  • increased range in digital mode provided site wide coverage
  • long battery life

One of the main reasons for this product type was that it had a programmable emergency button. We also provided audio accessories for discretion and for loud noise environments.

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