Miskin Manor Hotel

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Miskin Manor Hotel and Health Club

Miskin Manor Hotel & Health Club contacted us with a vision on how they would like a radio system to work. They had a system in place, but it didn’t fulfil their requirements and were looking for a bespoke package that would cover their health and safety requirements for lone working staff around site.

The grounds of the estate cover a large area, and there is a mix of outdoor space, old and newer buildings. We carried out a site survey to identify any potential issues with coverage. Once we knew coverage was achievable, we then concentrated on the departments that would be using the radio equipment.

What system did we supply, and why?

We supplied a range of suitable Motorola products which were dependant upon the sites requirements. A mix of compact and standard hand portables, desk units and a repeater gave adequate coverage across a large site. The desk unit was a display type to identify radio callers and to alert if a lone worker, man down, or emergency situation occurred.

This equipment was chosen based upon a number of factors:

  • compact hand portables for front of house staff
  • rugged and durable hand portables for maintenance staff
  • long battery life
  • IP rated for use in the health club

We also provided audio accessories to ensure communication was discrete, especially in the reception and dining areas.

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