Hoar Cross Hall Hotel & Spa

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Hoar Cross Hall Hotel & Spa

Hoar Cross Hall got in touch with us as their current radio system was failing and they needed reliable communication especially in the event of a fire or emergency situation.

Our engineers carried out a site trial and were able to achieve coverage without the need of a repeater system. We demonstrated the Hytera digital range, and the trial showed that the products chosen were fit for purpose.

We made a licence application on behalf of Hoar Cross, and managed this without a service charge.

The equipment was maintained and serviced by our in house technical team ensuring a quick turn around and short down time without equipment.

What system did we supply, and why?

We supplied a combination of the Hytera PD505 and the Hytera PD605 hand portable type, programmed in digital mode. Site wide coverage was achievable working radio to radio, and a repeater wasn’t required at this site.

This equipment was chosen based upon a number of factors:

  • programmable in digital mode to increase clarity
  • the PD505 model is compact and suitable for front of house staff
  • long battery life
  • The IP rating on the PD605 model made it suitable for the Spa

We also provided audio accessories to allow hands free operation and discrete communications.

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