Fieldview Festival

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Fieldview Festival

Fieldview Festival takes place over a weekend but the build and break down period extends to a three week duration.

With the stages, parking, and camping areas extending over a large area, a site trial showed that a repeater system was required to provide adequate coverage.

To keep the cost down for the organsier, we agreed on a split delivery schedule, and that they were able to install the repeater system themselves with our guidance.

Like any festival, factors such as channel allocation, background noise, battery life, weather, power, audio accessories had to be considered during the planning phase to ensure the most suitable system and equipment is supplied for the event.

What system do we supply, and why?

We supply the Motorola DP4400e hand portable, programmed in digital mode. The system also requires a Motorola SLR5500 repeater to give wide area coverage.

This equipment is chosen based upon a number of factors:

  • noise cancelling microphone to reduce background noise
  • programmable in digital mode to increase clarity
  • long battery life
  • IP68 rated, protecting it from the elements

We also provide a mixture of noise cancelling headsets, remote speaker microphones, D-shape earpieces with lapel microphone, and acoustic tube earbuds with lapel microphone to ensure audio is received by all of the team, and is audible.

With a batch of spare batteries, the radios can be used through a 24 hour cycle for different shift rotas and cuts down on the number of charging units required.

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