City of Newport Half Marathon

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Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon for St David’s Hospice

Having begun in 2013, Contact Radio are proud to have supported this event since the very beginning.

10 years on, we are still gifting a site wide radio system for the organisers to use!

Involved from the initial planning phase back in 2012, the charity realised they needed a radio system that would give them course wide communication, but weren’t really sure how it would be achievable.

We were able to look at the proposed route, realise a repeater system would be required to provide adequate coverage and then set about working out a suitable system.

What system do we supply, and why?

We supply the Motorola DP4400e hand portable, programmed in digital mode. The system also requires a Motorola SLR5500 repeater to give wide area coverage.

This equipment is chosen based upon a number of factors:

  • noise cancelling microphone to reduce background noise
  • programmable in digital mode to increase clarity
  • long battery life
  • IP68 rated, protecting it from the elements

We also provide audio accessories to allow hands free operation for key staff members.

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