Bath Racecourse

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Bath Racecourse

Following the multi-million-pound redevelopment during the Summer of 2016, Bath Racecourse has become one of the best small racecourses in the UK. Averaging nearly 20 meets between March and October, a hectic few months requires a radio system ready to use with little thought into the day to day operation of it.

With Bath Racecourse, we provided a delivery and collection service per meet. This ensured that all equipment was in good working order prior to a meet – charged, checked and ready to go, and that it was accounted for after a meet. This kept a full compliment of equipment per meet. It also offered flexibility on number of radios required per meet, rather than having surplus stock sat in chargers on some of the smaller race days.

What system did we supply, and why?

We’ve supplied digital Motorola hand portables to provide clear audio and increased range on site. The model chosen is straightforward to use for staff that are brought in from other sites for the event, whilst giving confidence that critical communication is at the press of a button.

This equipment was chosen based upon a number of factors:

  • rugged and durable hand portables
  • straightforward system to operate
  • long battery life
  • IP rated for outdoor use

We also provided audio accessories to ensure communication was discrete and audible due to the level of background noise.

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